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VATELY AIR CONDITIONER  CO.,LTD. is a private special  manufacturer, specializing in air conditioner manufacturing in China. It is located in the Pearl River Delta of the beautiful South China with rich resources and being convenient gate to  Europe, Asia, Middle East, Australia, Africa, South America and North  America.  Being established in year 1996, VATELY now becoming one  of the largest A/C manufacturers   with   two production factories in China, with an annual production capacity of 800000pcs sets.

As one of the pioneers of  A/C  manufacturers  in  China,  VATELY  has  more  than 10years experience and technology in cooling equipments, epresents of the  highest technological standard in air conditioning industry with first class manufacturing craftwork skill at the lowest labor cost.

Technology   innovation is the  key  for  VATELY to  maintain  its  persistent  competition and also the basic to satisfy personal  need of all and each consumer.

In a view of short supply of energy resources and in order to save  electricity consumption, VATELY has been working on the energy saving technology,  which  contributes  to  save as much as 10% energy in comparison to the same kind of  products. The products  have reached Class A for EU energy label. VATELY has  also been working on lowering  the  noise  level. VATELY’s  advanced  industrial  design  technology makes air conditioner an integral part of a room, harmoniously stay with other furniture inside the room.

VATELY products cover almost whole range of air conditioners. They  re basically  divided into Domestic and Commercial type A/Cs in ten series, such as window type, wall mounted type, portable type,DC inverter type, floor-standing type, multi-split type,ducted type, cassette type,ceiling-floor type,water chiller, etc.  with  more  than 100 models in total. What is more, VATELY has also developed the dehumidifier and heat-pump water heater.

Particularly, in response to the implementation of protection Law on Environment in EU, VATELY has developed the air conditioners  with  environment  friendly  R407c  and  R410a  refrigerant  to reduce  the  damage on the Ozonosphere and relieve the “Greenhouse Effect”. All the materials have past the RoHs.  Cooling   capacity of these A/Cs range from 7000btu to 60000btu. VATELY also have developed split type, ducted type, floor-standing type, window type, cassette type and ceiling-floor type A/C workable under T3 conditions for Middle East and Africa market.

Most of its production equipments and testing devices  used  in VATELY are Japan,  Germany  and  USA-made  by  the world most advanced  technology.Quality control  has been extended on whole process of production starting from inspection on raw materials, components  and  parts, on-line  inspection to  prior-to-packaging inspection. VATELY has also used the halogen leakage detector to eliminate leakage problem completely.


In the past years, VATELY has been successfully selling its products to more than 80 countries and areas under the name of VATELY and through OEM,  and  obtained  the good  reputation in  high  quality,  perfect design and excellent service. VATELY brand has been looked as the pronoun of high quality in the world.

Until now, VATELY has already successfully obtained Safety Certificates from the countries  and  areas  such  as  China, Middle  East,  EU,  USA,  Australia,  Nigeria,  etc.  Moreover,  VATELY has also been approved the ISO9001 by TUV.

Faced  up  with  the  increasing c ompetition  around  the  world, VATELY has been taking positive actions to expand its international market share through development of the  innovative products and strengthening its sales & marketing force. In order to enlarge the production capacity, VATELY build up a new  A/C  factory with  around 60000 square meters in Zhongshan city in 2005.